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Aircon Cleansing (Veng Hou)
Estimated Service Duration: 1 Hour
The source of car air-conditioning odor and bacteria comes from the pipes of the air-conditioning system. Clean the air-conditioning system regularly to bring back a fresh smell to the car.
Annual Car Inspection (Veng Hou)
Estimated Service Duration: 2 days
Yat Fung provides a one-stop government vehicle inspection service, so you don’t have to worry about going from the pre-inspection to the vehicle inspection center.
Body and Paint Recovery (Veng Hou)
Estimated Service Duration: By Actual Time
Applying environmentally friendly water-soluble paint in our dust-free paint baking room to bring the best restoration effect to your car
Cabin High Temperature Antibacterial (Veng Hou)
Estimated Service Duration: 2 Hours
Apply steam on the cabin and seat cushions to kill bacteria and remove odors
Double Platinum Coating (Veng Hou)
Estimated Service Duration: 2 Days
The ultra-popular water-repellent double-layer platinum coating produced by Japan Chemical Industry has now landed in Macau, bringing hardness, brilliance, long-lasting protection, and strong water repellency to your car
Regular Oil Change Maintenance (Veng Hou)
Estimated Service Duration: 2 Hours
Yat Fung original oil change and maintenance service, using the highest level of fully synthetic engine oil and Japanese Toyota original genuine oil filter, with more than ten safety testing items for the whole car, ready for the daily commuting with your car.
Wheel Alignment (Veng Hou)
Estimated Service Duration: 2 hours
Finding uneven tread wear on your car, vehicle veering to the left or right, your steering wheel miscentering or vibrating when driving in a straight line? Wheel alignment can help your car to restore normal original car data